ICE, various shapes & size. But how they’re made with high production capacity?

Answer: Ice Making Machine

While researching, you can find many types and brands of ice machines out there. Most of them being used at the restaurant, hotel, cafe & more of F&B businesses. If you’re wondering which ice machine suits your business, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Configurations, styles, types, brands, from high-end to budget type of ice machine, it’s important to understand what is available to find the best ice machine to suit your business’ needs.

In this guide, we will help you to choose your best ice making machine option for your kitchen. Cheers.

The Shapes

You can found many types of ice shapes such as gourmet ice, dice ice, nugget ice, flake ice and scale ice. There are more types of ice shapes available out there such as pearl ice but let’s take these mentioned shapes as a guide.

Figure 1.1: From top left, Gourmet Ice, Scale Ice, Flake Ice, Nugget Ice, Dice Ice

Brands Around The World

There are quite a lot of ice machine brands around the world and some of them marked as high quality and performance such as Scotsman, Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, Luma Comfort and Maxx Ice [source]. There is a long timer ice machine manufacturer like Hoshizaki too. Let’s make an example of a brand from ice machine industry, Scotsman, which is the leading manufacturer of ice making machine. You can see the model examples as appeared in the the image below.


Scotsman offers the largest combined selection of equipment and ice shapes available. They’re manufactured for harsh and extreme environment which very suitable for your everyday business. The quality is guaranteed as for each of the ice machine has it’s own features and capabilities. Scotsman offers from small, medium to high production capacity of ice. They have all kind of ice shapes ranging from gourmet ice, dice ice etc..

Scotsman’s ice making machines have a top notch quality and mentioned a lot in F&B industries so you won’t regret it.

Here some honorable examples from Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic and Hoshizaki brands:

Choose Your Shapes

Simple method on how to choose the ice shapes for your business, let’s first ask these questions to ourselves, what type of business are we running? What type of customers are we serving?

By referring your answer, you’ll literally get what ice shapes suitable for your business. In the previous explanations, you’ve already exposed with the images of what is each the individual ice type gonna look. Below are the explanations:

Dice Ice: Suitable for any kind of business. Any kind of customers. Dice ice type is the most people will choose if they have no idea what are the other shapes they gonna choose. This type of ice is considered versatile.

Gourmet Ice: Also the same as dice ice. Suitable for many type of business, it’s versatile.

Nugget Ice: Suitable for multiple uses and considered best for usage in fast food industries.

Flake Ice: Suitable for multiple applications such as fish displays, buffet displays, frozen drinks preparation as well as fast chilling of wine & champagne buckets.

Scales Ice: Suitable for industrial processes, for fish and sea-food display and perishable goods transportation, as well as to optimize dough temperature. Considered as the coldest form of ice.


Dice Ice

Take Note


You might need to consider how much the production capacity you’re gonna choose. The unit used to determine ice machine production capacity is maximum kg of daily production. In dice ice / cube ice, it’s usually from small production, 70kg/day and can achieve up to 900kg/day for high production. So you may need to consider nicely which one you really need for your business.

Ice Machine Dimension?

For this one you may need to take the measurement in the place you’re gonna put the ice machine to and ask the sales guy if the measurement you need available or not.

Ice Size?

Depends on your customer requirement. You might need to ask some of your customers which size of ice they like. I’m sure you’ll get the answer that you need.


There are some things that you need to consider when buying an ice machine other than previous mentioned points. Ice machine’s features, different models different features. So you need to take some time to brainstorm and do some research each of the models available, from the previous discussed points, we can narrow down the search so it’s not too much right?

Now you already know which models should you pick for your F&B business? You might need to know which supplier to contact. On C&N United, we have that, various types of ice machines and other refrigeration; and kitchen equipment for your business. We also can be your kitchen consultant.

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